How does Whistler Winter Wear's rental service work?

It's easy! Follow these steps and we'll make sure you're fully outfitted with rental gear for your ski and snowboard adventures.

We Are A Delivery Service

Pay now or pay later!

Make a reservation online and pay with PayPal or Credit Card, or pay upon delivery.
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We give you the LOOKS and PERFORMANCE for a fraction of the cost.

Whistler Winter Wear delivers right to your door at right time and the right price. We carry sizes from toddler to 5XL!

Whistler Winter Wear prides itself on providing top quality gear for hire from industry leading manufacturers.
Whistler Winter Wear has been outfitting guests with gear for hire since 1995. We are the preferred winter clothing rental company used by hotel concierge, Tourism Whistler, Olympic Media and TV & movie productions.

We keep you warm and dry supplying fashionable, high quality performance jackets, pants, gloves, goggles, helmets and footwear for a fraction of the cost to purchase. We will arrive at your door in Whistler with several different options to try. We are continually expanding and upgrading the range of products we have to offer to make your vacations safe & comfortable.

Countless times we have helped travellers enjoy hassle-free Whistler vacations by supplying ski and snowboard clothing most suitable to the challenging mountain climate. WE CAN FIT YOU!
We get you going so you can concentrate on the important things, like making those first turns.

"No matter how perfect the conditions are and how much money you spent on getting to Whistler if ON the day you are wet and cold, it sucks! Make sure you are warm and dry. Call us, we've got you covered!"

-Shannon Hearn, Owner Whistler Winter Wear

Whistler Winter Wear prides itself on providing top quality gear for hire from industry leading manufacturers

We give you the LOOKS and PERFORMANCE for a fraction of the cost. RENTING is still cheaper than BUYING the "cheap stuff". Don't get caught at 8000 feet with substandard gear...Call us we have the right stuff. Don't get SOAKED at 8,000 feet because you didn't want to spend $1,000 for a jacket you'll only wear on ski trips.


Whistler Winter Wear also rents very high-end, very specialized excursion-clothing for the hardest of the hard-core. If you're travelling north... way north... and you need the warmest gear, but you'd rather keep the thousands it'll cost you for travelling then contact us for a great price.

Rent or hire all of your winter gear including ski and snowboard jackets, pants, goggles, helmets right in Whistler, B.C, Canada.

You can place your reservation from anywhere in the world and we will deliver to your door when you arrive in Whistler.


  • Brian Coli

    I couldn't be happier with the service and the winter gear we rented. The entire process was quick and easy. They met us at the hotel for a fitting, and timed it perfectly upon our arrival so we were able to get on the slopes right away. The fitting took less than 10 minutes, and the quality of the gear was great. They picked everything up on the morning of our checkout. I highly recommend Whistler Winter Wear! Special thanks to Rich for helping us hit the slopes so quickly, with great gear!

    Brian Coli
  • The Kilpatricks
    We have been enjoying Whistler Winter Wear's convenient efficient service since 2002 when we first discovered Whistler. Whether we had a group of 26 or just Jim and me you have always been able to meet our needs with a smile and a warm welcome. Highly Recommended!
    The Kilpatricks
    Gold Coast Australia


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