Don't get caught at 8000 feet with substandard gear...Call us we have the right stuff.
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Whistler Winter Wear prides itself on providing top quality gear from industry leading manufacturers such as Descente, Ride, Phenix, Burton, Helly Hanson and others.

These manufacturers have tested and proven quality standards that make them perfect choices for our type of skiing conditions here in Whistler.

We carry the widest range to offer.

Sizes from toddler - 5XL!

*We give you the LOOKS and PERFORMANCE for a fraction of the cost...

*RENTING is still cheaper than BUYING the "cheap stuff"

*You don't have to store it in your basement, only to go out-of-style

*Your 1980's neon cost a fortune... but people have been laughing at you for 25 years

*Your kids grow out of a $400 jacket in 12 months

*You're SOAKED at 8,000 feet because you didn't want to spend $1,000 for a jacket you'll only wear on ski trips.

As an added service, we also carry a variety of long underwear for purchase. We also now have winter boots available for rent for those who want to play in the snow. Without a doubt you can be guaranteed of a quality experience when renting gear from Whistler Winter Wear.

Whistler Winter Wear also rents very high-end, very specialized excursion-clothing for the hardest of the hard-core. If you're travelling north... way north... and you need the warmest gear, but you'd rather keep the thousands it'll cost you for travelling then contact us for a great price.

We give you the LOOKS and PERFORMANCE for a fraction of the cost.

Whistler Winter Wear will deliver right to your door at right time and at the right price!